Late November 2022 TIAA updated accounts - can no longer download

Craig Marek
Craig Marek Member ✭✭
Since the update, I continually get "Sync Error Warning Quicken encountered an error while communication with our servers. Try again later. If the error persists, contact Quicken Support". Holding v2 download: unexpected GET response.

I sent support the details but no resolution yet.
I get this error every time on all TIAA accounts.
When I try to refresh my connection, I get Download Error -28 Quicken is unable to update your account. This may be due to a temporary server issue or a communication error. If this problem persists, wait until tomorrow and try again (Code 102).

So far there have been about 8 tomorrows with no change.
Anyone else having similar problems?


  • Craig Marek
    Craig Marek Member ✭✭
    Talked with TIAA support - apparently Quicken made changes about 2 weeks ago which has impacted the ability to get updates. They are aware and working with Quicken to resolve
  • elvee
    elvee Member ✭✭✭
    I had a problem today saying there was an error on the quicken server. I closed that window and then did a download using the gear on my TIAA account. It downloaded fine. 
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