Anyone else get random duplicate previously reconciled transactions across multiple accounts?

For a while now I have randomly gotten duplicate transactions. I thought they were related to downloading, but I started checking now before downloading and they do indeed appear before download. They are typically older reconciled or cleared transactions. I only have one or two sets of duplicates on each session. If I only delete one transaction, the quicken file will get corrupted and need to be repaired. If I delete both at the same time and recreate the transaction, all is well until the next time it happens. It happens with both EWC and EWC+ accounts. Again, I don't think this has to do with downloads. While it only happens randomly under normal circumstances, it nearly always happens just after an upgrade.

It has just become my norm when I open quicken to run through my dupe checks:
-click each account and compare the online balance with ending balance
-find the account with the mismatch
-calc the diff
-search for that amount
-screenshot it
-delete both transactions (at the same time Ctrl Click)
-re-enter transaction manually and mark as cleared or reconciled.

I would scrap all of my quicken files and start over, but honestly, it is just annoying enough to post about it, but not enough to completely nuke 12 years of register history.


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    I have had previous problems with duplicate entries. The last time it was from ASPIRA ONE-GA DNR camping on Fram Bureau credit card just about every entry duplicated. I also see a payment missed on my Amazon card just this last month. I'm keeping a close eye now on the accounts and will start reporting them. Hopefully Quicken can figure out what's happening.
    #### WISH LIST Quicken ###. Quicken needs a way to audit an account instead of us spending a lot of time finding these problems.
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