How can I remove the Placeholder CheckPay entries?

After the CheckPay is scheduled and clears my bank the update puts in a Placeholder entry with the same check # and vendor name. However, the category is missing and when I manually put in the missing information and try to delete the duplicate entry I'm told to cancel the payment first.


  • Jim_Harman
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    Is it really a Placeholder? Quicken Placeholders are used in investing accounts to adjust your share count.

    If there is an entry in your checking account register with the Category missing, you should be able to edit that without affecting the online payment, no need to create a duplicate entry.
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  • Katrina52
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    Jim, you misunderstood my situation. I'm NOT adding the extra transaction as a Placeholder, Quicken does it when it downloads from my online account, even though I already have the entry in my account as a Check Pay. The Placeholder is then added as a duplicate of the Check Pay entry with the same bank check # issued, amount, date, etc. So I have 2 entries and Quicken will not allow me to delete either one. The duplicate doesn't have a category, but I know what to do there. It's the 2 entries that are a problem because my balance is then off. And this happened with several Check Pay's I'd created over a few month period. For example in October I created a Check Pay of $600 to LHBC (my vendor name). When I updated my Quicken file it applied a check # to it from my bank. Later after the check was received and cashed by my vendor it showed up a second time as the same thing, instead of allowing me to match to the existing transaction. So my checking account showed a total of $1200 to LHBC instead of $600. I couldn't delete or void either one (my original entry or the downloaded "Placeholder"). I think it created the Placeholder by mistake (a bug in the program), as it's never happened before, but the only way I could resolve was to change the $600 to zero and manually add a note showing the transaction as voided. Just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them?
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