Reconciling and 9 Quicken checks missing from Reconcile and Register...why?

Quicken checks in bank statement are missing from Register (which I call it). The auto-paid, telephone web payment and two hand entered checks are in Reconcile, but, the Quicken checks in the same time period are not, and also missing from new Quicken Deluxe. How is that possible? I have not deleted them.


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    hard to follow your question

    what do you mean by :"quicken checks".  if these were NOT downloaded from your bank but they were manually entered into QUicken, they should show up in the Reconcile module.....

    are you downloading all transactions from your Bank?  - that is not clear from your comments.  

  • 9 Checks I wrote in Quicken Deluxe, no longer in my register so Reconcile hangup, but, show up in bank statement. Not hand entered but done in Quicken. I gave up and re-entered all of them, and, reconcile ended up zero. But I still would like to know what happened to all the checks done via Quicken.
  • I use Intuit checks for most of the checks I do on iMac in Quicken Deluxe. The nine missing checks when I tried to reconcile are for November. Checks I entered from small checkbook (take to town if needed) were there, plus auto-payments, Telephone payment, web payment. But the ones that really should be there, that I wrote on computer in Quicken disappeared. I have never deleted. Search did not find them either, by check number, or payee. But, I re-entered as enough hours searching and trying to reconcile.
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