Why am I getting a cash balance on a remove shares?

Mary McNaull
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This happens in one account but not the other.


  • Tom Young
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    Could you provide some detail here?  Are these manual entries you're making, or entries you've downloaded?  Is the a situation where there's a figure showing up in the Cash Amt column and also altering the Cash Bal figure?  (There can be situations where you'll see dollar figures in the Cash Amt column that don't affect the Cash Amt.)
    Maybe you could provide a screen shot of the Remove where this is happening?  Ordinarily I'd say a Remove shouldn't affect cash, but I could be wrong.
  • These are manual entries. I don't download any entries. The Remove does remove the correct shares but it leaves a cash amount. Then the Portfolio report shows the wrong amount for the balance. In other words, the share price times the amount of shares is not correct. There is also a separate cash entry. So, the total for the portfolio is also wrong. I will show you a picture as soon as I can. The Remove worked fine up until July of 2021.
    When I do a transaction report, some of the Removes are one line that leave the cash; some are two lines that reverse the cash.
  • I just found that where I deleted a "removed" transaction in the past, then reentered it, it is now incorrect also and leaves a cash balance when it didn't before.
  • Here is what I am seeing:
    7/22/2022 Removed Vanguard 120.391 shares of Vanguard 1299.24
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