Chase Credit Card and Quickpay

I am considering using my Mastercard instead of Amazon Visa (which is Chase based) to pay for my Amazon purchases. I think, but it has yet to be verified, that Quick Pay might work with Citicards on which my Mastercard is based. That way I would be able get rid of the Quicken/Chase problem. So I wonder what Amazon will do. Are they about to experience a mass migration from Amazon's preferred credit card due to this Quicken/Chase truculence? Is this going to be like Russia vs Ukraine?


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    I must be doing something wrong ...
    For me, all my credit card payments, whether they're from Chase, Citi, AmEx or somebody else, work reliably and have done so for years.
    What I've done with all of them is to authorize the credit card companies, at their websites, to automatically deduct the monthly payment (full balance due) from my checking account on Due Date.

    In Quicken, when I receive notice of a new statement being available, I just record a scheduled reminder which does not execute as an online payment into my account register on or before the Due Date and before I download transactions from the bank or credit card containing the payment transaction. That will allow Quicken to match the register transaction to the downloaded data and not cause any further issues.

    Haven't missed a payment in many years, even when traveling for long periods of time without access to Quicken or the Internet ... like I said, I must be doing something wrong ... ;-)
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    I guess that I'm doing something wrong also ... same process as that of @UKR
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