Anyone Experiencing United Wholesale Mortgage Issues I have the answer

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I posted in August or so, as well as many others, that when attempting to connect to United Wholesale Mortgage with online bills or as a  mortgage account on the side bar,  I am receiving an account locked message. FYI..... I have just contacted UVM and they state they do not allow any third party applications to connect to their website....  Even though there are two listed connection URL's in the Online Bills list. I have been troubleshooting this since August. Their are multiple threads on this. However, if you are connected to UVM some way please respond to this thread. Sometimes you get bad information. 


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    If I may add my 2cents' worth …
    I would not bother attempting to activate any loan or mortgage account for downloading. I would just simply set them up as "offline" (manual) loan accounts with a Scheduled Reminder to record the monthly payment from your checking account. 
    (Not discussing LOC or HELOC accounts here. They should be set up like credit card accounts)

    At least in Quicken for Windows, an online-connected loan or mortgage account does NOT have a transaction register. All data shown in the account come from whatever information the bank downloads to you ... if this process works at all.

    As a result of being connected, the scheduled payment transaction reminder cannot transfer the amount of principal paid into the (non existent) account register and must use a category, usually something like Loan:Principal, instead. The category seems to vary with the Loan Type you selected when creating the loan account in Quicken.

    Effective with Quicken Windows 2018+
    you can deactivate an online-connected loan account and regain full control over your transaction register.  However, you should still review the Scheduled Reminder (or Memorized Payee List entry) associated with the monthly loan payments to ensure they now transfer Principal to the loan account register and not to a Category.

    If you're a Q Mac user, you should be able to do something similar about setting up and maintaining an offline mortgage account together with a correctly calculated Scheduled Transaction Reminder for the monthly payments from your checking account.

    And if you're concerned about making mortgage payments on time, automatically, every month, logon directly to their website and authorize them to direct debit (aka PAC Draft, Autopay, APS, etc.) the next and all future payments from your checking account. They will do all the work for you and make an electronic debit on the due date and you don't have to worry about being late.
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    @UKR  I agree with you 100% Its still pathetic that these services are offered on Quicken and yet they are so unreliable. Maybe one day they will have their $%*@ together!
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