Understanding Investing Gain/Loss and ROI

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Can someone help me understand why the following scenario occurs for me?
I have 147 shares of IJH... 91 at one brokerage and 56 at another. When viewing the "Gain/Loss" in the "Investing" tab, I see the account with 91 shares has a gain of 4.6% (cost of $21,506.73) and the 56 shares has a gain of 39.2% (cost of $9,949.28). However, when I view the "Brokerage" tab, the total ROI is listed as -0.4%.
Why is it showing a negative ROI, as these funds have gained in value?


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    I ran into a similar question. For a set of investments, I have an ROI % in Quicken of 62.54 and a % gain of 33.74. Not sure why.
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