Chase Heloc account shows as paid off after migration

So the following discussion has been marked as Resolved but what exactly is the resolution? How do I fix the account in my system?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @dghilton

    I understand your reason for posting, since the latest information from Quicken Support says the following:

    This issue has been marked as resolved. However, this Alert will remain available for those who may still be experiencing this.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Jasmine

    I am not sure what this means to someone who had a Heloc account that was potentially "converted to a credit card account", or someone whose home equity line of credit was "marked as paid off". I could guess but I don't think that will be sufficient to a user who has been waiting since late September for a solution.

    So I would suggest that you contact Quicken Support ASAP and ask what steps you need to take now that they have "resolved" this issue.

    Please let us know what you find out.


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  • Jeff Howe
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    After I saw that the issue above was marked as resolved, I tried to re-authorize my HELOC account again. My current balance on the line of credit is zero, so after the transition it was marked as closed, like the originally reported issue. I restored my file, and instead of going the re-authorization route on a One Step Update, I instead deactivated the online setup and then did the online setup. After being set up this way, my HELOC had the zero balance but no longer appeared as a paid off loan. (The HELOC actually shows up as a credit account both before and after the change to Express Web Connect+, so that wasn't really the issue in the problem originally reported.) The only issue was that in One Step Update, Chase showed up twice, once for the HELOC and once for all the other account I had previously updated. To resolve this, I restored my file again. This time, after I deactivate online setup for the HELOC, I did a reset account for one of my other Chase account in the online setup. This allowed me to then link the HELOC to the online setup. Chase was now only listed once in One Step Update, and everything seemed to be working like it should.
  • Jeff Howe
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    I guess I spoke too soon. While it initially appeared that I was able to successfully migrate my HELOC to Express Web Connect+, somewhere along the line, perhaps after a One Step Update, or after restarting Quicken, my HELOC decided to start showing itself as "This loan is paid off" again.
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