Quicken is automatically changing my stock to the wrong security & not letting me correct

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I'm having a new problem with Quicken downloading transactions into one of my accounts - Quicken changes the security involved in the transaction into another from the same financial company, but a different ticker. Quicken will not allow me to edit any of the transactions to the correct security. It seems instead to be "locked" to the incorrect security. I'm baffled by what is causing this mid-identification. The account and securities were reported correctly for years, but have now started to mis-behave. Old transactions have also changed so the incorrect security is now named.

Interestingly, my account holdings reports show the correct account balances for the correct security. So... Quicken seems to me mis-naming and misrepresenting the security in my register, but actually knows the correct security for downloaded transactions. But if I try to create a manual transaction, I cannot enter a correct transaction as Quicken forces me to select only the incorrect security and in this case records the incorrect security in my holdings reports. I cannot manually record a transaction for the correct security.

So... my investment transactions in my register are very confusing - I see years of transactions involving a security I've had no investment activity with, and balances in my holding that are completely different, while I have no ability to make any manual edits or corrections to the account....

I've checked information in the Security list, security details, which all look correct and I've unlinked the online match of the security and automated download of asset class information to try to eliminate any glitch that's coming from those associations, with no resolution. I can't identifying where there are any default settings for accounts, registers, or securities that would cause this behavior.

Anybody have experience with this problem? Any ideas on how to fix?

It's almost the same problem as described in the discussion link below, where a user was finding Quicken changing the stock to a security of another company, and would not allow the user to change the security back to the correct item, but that solution does not work for me and that discussion is now closed.


I appreciate any help or ideas you can provide.

Quicken version R45.13
Windows 11
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