schwab "compare reported securities to quicken portfolio is comparing the wrong two holdings

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I have positions in two securities...with different cusips in quicken. I have owned these for over a year and update daily. CUSIP A has 4125 shares, CUSIP B has 45000 shares (not real, but examples). When downloading my account today, A mismatch was flagged beweeen my quicken portfolio and my holdings as reported by Schwab. Tools/account center showd the 4125 and 45000 reported correctly by Schwab but when I looked at tools/online center "compare the reported holdings to what is in quicken", I have a mismatch.... Quicken "compare" thinks I have 4125 of Cusip B...not's comparing reported for cusip A to quicken Cusip B Note...that's the only mismatch reported. Quicken correctly compares CUSIP A (4125) to the reported 4125 shares.

This is definitely a Quicken issue...I have verified that schwab knows I have 45000 shares of cusip B. Quicken is comparing two different CUSIPs in the compare report.

I validated my change.

version: R45.13 Build


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