I have One Payee That Has 2 Different Accounts That I'm Trying To Link

My insurance company has both my auto and my home policies when I try to link them through their website I get only the home owner's as an option to link. How do I change the policy number on the other transaction to update based on my auto policy?


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    If I were to pay my home and my auto insurance by check, I'd have to send checks to two different mailing addresses.
    However, for years I have had both payments set up on the insurance company's website to be direct debited from my checking account on due date.
    Now I can sit back, relax and wait for it to happen. Instead of having to arm-wrestle Bill Manager into making payment on time I let the insurance company do all the work for me.
    When I get notified of a new statement having arrived, usually by email, all I have to do in Quicken is to run a regular scheduled reminder to record the transaction. Haven't missed a payment in many years.
    I recommend you do the same instead of trying to figure out Bill Manager, missing payments and getting slapped with penalty interest rates or late fees.
  • I'm trying to get the amount to update automatically when it changes by linking it to the website. Since the link creation is only offering the Home Owners account I need to be able to set my auto policy on the other linked transaction tp get that value or have another way to link it that I can retrieve the auto policy.
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    What insurance company are we talking about?
    Is there another, differently spelled biller name that should be used for the Auto policy?
  • Erie Insurance The name is the same so is the website.
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    Are both policies accessible when you logon to their website, using one logonID?
    You may have to ask their support center how to make that work.
    Worst case, don't use Bill Manager. Just have two reminders and manually update the amount when you receive the statement.
  • Yeah, I had 2 monthly reminders but I was setting up something else and I saw that was an option as well. I thought maybe Quicken would let me edit the bill link and set the policy number but I guess I'll have to have my insurer fix it.
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