Customizable colors for Projected Balances graph

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Currently, Quicken selects colors for each line on the Projected Balances graph. I use this graph to insure that my projected bank balances don't fall below zero and to monitor my credit balances. On the graph, I would like to manually select a color for each account's balance line. Some of the colors selected by Quicken are harder for me to see than others. I want the most relevent accounts to be brighter and bolder to the eye. This may also be an issue for others that have color blindness to certain colors.

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  • DLHumbarger
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    I use Quicken Classic for Mac. I don't understand the logic of using red for being under budget on income. Red should be reserved for "BAD". Very bad. Allowing customizing of colors would make more sense. For example. I receive income at different points during the month. When that income arrives and I match the category, I would choose green. The rest of the month I would prefer yellow. I understand that when all of the income shows at the end of the month it shows green. But for some people, red can invoke a gut reaction that is negative. Just my thoughts. Surprised I am the fourth vote on this since December of 2022.