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Those of you with USAA will probably need to update permission on the USAA website for transactions to download to Quicken. If you don't see your tranactions, that is probably why. I did not get an error message, just no transactions until I did a reset and that took me to the USAA login.


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    Just got the notice that USAA will be dropping Direct Connect in favor of EWC+.  

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    USAA is discontinuing Direct Connect and Express Web Connect, and updating to a new method of providing data to applications like Quicken, called EWC+ (Quicken Connect in Mac). Going forward, you'll use a bank-hosted sign-in form to authorize downloads. The overall process for adding accounts and downloading is the same, but the screen you use to sign in to USAA will look different.

    For your security, USAA may periodically request that you reauthorize your accounts in Quicken by signing in again. This may happen every 90 days or so.  

    So, expect some more connection issues...

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  • Jo We
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    This is resolved. USAA is now Direct Connect. Your old Access ID and PIN will not work! Access and PIN will be reassigned via USAA.
    In 'Account Details' click the 'Online Services' tab, Deactivate your Account. Click OK. In 'Tools' click 'Add Account', search for 'USAA Federal Savings Bank', highlight, click Next, click 'Banking accounts', click Next, On the Access ID page look on to the right and click 'Get Access ID and Pin', this will take you to the USAA sign-in page, and follow the instructions.
  • My bank accounts update fine but my USAA credit card does not update. Hasn't since 10/9/22. Is this the problem addressed here or a distinct problem?
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    Spoke with USAA and we went through the Direct Connect setup. Nothing. I cannot Update from the USAA account, direct connect is not working and USAA has given me three different answers, none of which have accomplished anything. The last suggestion was typical, finger pointing, "It's not us, It's Quicken. Contact them."
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    I have the same issue with the USAA credit card. I did all the steps recommended here, and quicken says the connection was successful, but no transactions download. I will stop using my USSA credit card until this is resolved instead of manually entering everything on Quicken.
  • SamRH
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    Same problem with USAA VISA card. Only the payment transactions download, I believe because payments comes form a USAA checking account, which is connected to Quicken. Ongoing for about 2 months now. Frustrating.
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    I went to USAA support for transactions download problem. Rep was able to get me my transactions by resetting account, but we should be able to download in one-step update. The problem she identified is in Quicken - once your account is set up, you shouldn't need to enter a password for USAA update. But the password box is still there. If you enter a password, the password isn't read, and if you don't, it tells you to enter a password. I just reported this to Quicken - hope it helps. In the meantime, you can reset -it says its downloading all (100's!) of your transactions, but it didn't download duplicates.
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    @abbey9, were your comments left @ 4:51pm EST applicable to a bank account or credit card account? I've had no luck getting my credit card to update since September. Also, it appears you have setup the account as "web connect", not "direct connect". The documentation on the USAA website says to use Direct Connect with Quicken but I've had no luck with either.
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    credit card. USAA rep walked me through same setup I have done several times. Right now it says "Direct Connect" with option to change connection method to EWC "only if you are having problems with your current method." I know that is contrary to other guidance we've received, so obviously there is a disconnect somewhere between Quicken and USAA. USAA rep helped until I told her about the non-working password box, said that's a Quicken problem, you shouldn't need to enter password. But at least I was left with up to date transactions (via reset method.) When I tried again a week later, pw box was still there. So I deactivated and reset again, and got the mis-described download of transactions marked "new". Obviously, this isn't the way it's supposed to work, so hope they figure it out, but at least the transactions are up-to-date in Quicken as of yesterday.
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    @abbey9 could you provide the step by step instructions for the reset you mentioned above? I was on the phone with USAA last weekend and they were no help.
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