AmEx Migration [Edited]

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This is a comment directed at Quicken senior management. [Removed - Rant]  In early September I could effortlessly ("One Button") download and reconcile my transactions from Citi, Chase, Capital One, Amex, Ally, First Banks, Ed Jones. Since then, I have had to resort to individual importation of Citi, Chase, Ally, First Banks. Yesterday I received a banner notification that my connection with Amex will be "improved" soon. Please don't. Please. I am nearly certain my "improved" connection with Amex will lead to yet another account requiring individual importation. I don't expect a response to this discussion. I only wanted to express my frustration with a formerly great product. [Removed - Rant]


  • merunge
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    I see someone at Quicken read this and edited. Thank you for reading.
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    But it is a very correct assessment. I have yet to have an update fix something without breaking something else. Meanwhile I haven't been able to update my Amex account for 6 months.
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