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Recap: Every single transaction in every register takes ~14 seconds to 'insert.' For example if you make a minor change in a transaction and hit enter, it takes 14 seconds before you can do more work. Quicken Support felt what's wrong with that?
Validation found nothing significant and did nothing towards improvement. I can rebuild investment lots, but in the past this has done nothing. The only Quicken Support suggestion was to trim lots of old years data out of my 288 MB, 23 year old file. This requires Reconciling all my accounts, which I haven't needed to do in 23 years. Will eventually try, but like other serious users on this web site, I'm skeptical that this is the problem. OTOH, if Quicken actually writes the entire data file to my SSD drive after each transaction or cluster of new downloaded transactions, it could be the problem (?).

I saw that many people get improvement with their particular problem if they uninstall Quicken.app, then reinstall a fresh download of the app. I did this. Had to install twice due to unknown glitch, but otherwise went very smoothly. This got me version 45.13 when just earlier Quicken told me I was up to date with v.45.11.

In the past, I tried severely curtailing the category tree and it made no difference at all that I could detect.

After clean install of the Quicken app, the timed from hit enter, a change in transaction now takes 12.5 seconds. Frankly, that could just be a little bit better timing on my part.

Most super users agree there is something wrong. A few months ago, my transactions only took 4-6 seconds per transaction which was tolerable and acceptable to me.

My queries:

1. Have others had success in reducing transaction times by going the reconcile and truncate years of old data procedure?

2. Do others have data files 288 MB or larger without this transaction time problem?

Any thoughtful insights and suggestions deeply appreciated. {As usual, ankle-biters need not apply their brand of snarky humor here.}

Thank YOU !
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