How to check an investment account for a securities comparison mismatch on demand?

Mike F.
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How do I display a securities comparison mismatch after the One Step Update dialog showing the mismatch has gone away? i.e. I need to show the mismatch at-will, for any investment account. I've done this before, numerous times, but not in quite a while, and now that menu item is eluding me, and Quicken Chat/Support is telling me that feature doesn't exist.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    1. Tools > Online Center
    2. Select the financial institution
    3. Select the Holdings tab
    4. Select the account
    5. Click Compare to Portfolio

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  • Mike F.
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    GOOD GRIEF! After looking online, chatting, blah...blah...blah, I finally found it. For the benefit of the group (AND TECH SUPPORT), here's the solution:
    Under the "Tools menu", select "Online Center"
    Select the applicable "Financial Institution" and then select the "Holdings" tab.
    Finally, select the account from the drop list, and select the "Compare to Portfolio..." button on the right side of the dialog.
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    Personally, what I have always done is go to the investment account, select the gear icon and then Reconcile Shares.
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  • Mike F.
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    @Chris_QPW - Thank you, yours is a much more direct path to get there. Unfortunately, it is subject to the same error that led me to seek this capability in the first place. Apparently the latest version of Quicken introduced an error that causes the shares of (in my case) the last security to be compared to the next-to-last security in the list, with"the list" being the list shown when you go to...(thanks @Squirrel)
    Tools > Online Center
    Select the financial institution
    Select the Holdings tab
    Select the account
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Well, both @Chris_QPW and I answered your question. What you are seeing is indeed a new R45 bug. Roll back to R44 for now and the mismatch will vanish. Quicken seems to be having a particularly difficult time fixing the many R45 bugs.
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