New Subscription model

If Quicken is proud of their model and believes that their subscription model adds value to customers, then it seems like a discussion about why someone should continue to subscribe would be of value? I am a 25+ years customer and subscribed last year only to help the company out and show support and with the promise that I could still use my program if I canceled my subscription. I was not aware that Quicken would punish me by absconding with so much screen real estate! I do NOT need online baking and other advanced features, but would like to ensure that my old version doesn't contain unwanted bugs. Where is the model for users like me? My model USED to be 'buy every three years' but it seems like that is not enough and annual subscriptions, even if you don't need or want the latest features, is the only model left. Where is the love for those faithful folks that don't need the full monty, so to speak? Am I the only one seeking another option?
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