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Not sure why Quicken closes/squashes these discussions, but I'm glad now to see that I'm among friends when all of a sudden my bank and credit card accounts mysteriously stopped reconciling - requiring huge 'adjustment' entries to get back to normal. THEN I accidentally discovered the open balance on many different accounts had changed, by thousands in some cases - always in the negative. Now I'm digging out my 1991 bank statements to see what my opening balance REALLY was - THIRTY ONE YEARS AGO.


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    It appears that some Quicken update may have changed the Opening Balance.  
    A suggestion is to copy the good number into the Memo field of the Opening Balance transaction for future safe keeping. 
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    Great suggestion - will be doing that for all the accounts that are not yet victimized. Fingers crossed Quicken doesn't tinker with the Memo field.

    I have ALLOT of backup files somehow so tried a few from a year ago. Still a negative balance on one account but only by $85 instead of $3,400! So this corruption started long ago.
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    I'm having this problem nearly every other time I load the application on my computer. [Removed - Speculation]
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    Apparently me too.  I did go through all my accounts a couple of weeks ago and correct the opening balance if needed.  Then just yesterday after downloading some Chase transactions (one of the few that will still download) it would not reconcile.  It made no sense, but with "opening balance" fresh on my mind I checked.  Sure enough it was changed from 0.00 to 44.02 which just happened to be a recent transaction.  
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    [Removed - Rant] I have 20 different accounts and many accounts have transactions going back to 10 to 15 years ago. Now I need to find the opening balances and update it for all the accounts.

    [Removed - Rant]
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    I am having the same problem with the opening balance being changed after a RESET or a DEACTIVE/SETUP. I like Ps5Uk2's idea of entering the correct balance in the memo field! The other recent problem that I have is when I do a download from my credit card account AND the balance is positive (credit), black in color, the Online Balance in Quicken shows a negative number, red in color, of the same amount. This has occurred for the last two downloads. (I am waiting to see how the Online Balance appears when the actual account balance turns back to negative.) I did not think this should matter in my account balances BUT when I did a DEACTIVE/SETUP on the account, it adjusted the opening balance so the ending balance matched the incorrect online balance. Ugh!
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    I posted something earlier which was removed. I don't believe it was inappropriate, offensive, or off-topic post. I would be happy to talk to anyone from Quicken and share my experience. Please DONOT remove this comment. Thank you.
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