Unable to Direct Connect to Wells Fargo

It't been at least 7 weeks now still can not direct connect to my account at Wells Fargo. Been on the phone with Quicken Tech support, unable to get working after two hours on the phone. Calls to Well Fargo, unable to gt working however I was told that Quick found the problem to be with WINDOWS 7, 8 and 10 and state I need to upgrade to WINDOW 11. This is unexceptionable I have been purchasing a product that was working and should continue to work. I don't want the expense of upgrading my WINDOWS that is working with everything i use and ALL the other banks I have link to Quicken. I cancelled my renewal today after 25 years or so using Quicken. Also although not the reason I canceled I really don't like the year renewal cost. I rather purchase new Quicken software every 2-3 years. So good bye quicken.
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