Is there anyway to snoop out the download origin of a Temporary Account?

Tom Young
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I was experiencing some odd behavior in my data file so I did a Validation of the file.  Looking at the results in the Validation log I saw what I've more or less seen in the past - nothing to write home about - except for this entry:
"ACCT_9a7"  0/ 0/1900
Quicken found an invalid transaction and removed it. "ACCT_9a7"  0/ 0/1900
Quicken repaired some transaction information.  No action required.
Even this entry wasn't entirely odd as I've sometimes seen something similar previously.  I think it has something to do with a temporary Account that's created by a download but not deleted at the download's completion?
But what was an eye-catcher is that this error was repeated 139 times!
I've been having chronic problems with my Schwab Account for some time now and am wondering if this error message can be associated with Schwab in some fashion?
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