How can I manage Check Pay and/or Quick Pay payees?

There's [Tools / Online Payee List], but that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the list of payees I get when I click [Pay (Quick Pay/Check Pay)] in the [Check #] column in my register.

Where are those payees stored and how can I manage them? Quicken has somehow added duplicates in that list and I want to clean them up.


  • Boatnmaniac
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    The Online Payee List (under Tools) is for the Direct Connect Bank Bill Pay process whereby one is able to send a bill payment command from within Quicken directly to the bank.  This process uses the bank's bill payment service to schedule and complete the bill payment.  The Online Payees that are listed are specific to that bank.

    For Quick Pay/Check Pay:  I don't use Bill Manager but have you looked at Bills & Income tab > Bills view (or Bills, Income & Transfers view if you have them combined) > upper right Gear icon > Pay Bills With Bill Manager?  From what I can tell it looks like this is where one would set up the Payees so I would think this is also where the Payees can be edited.
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  • @Boatnmaniac - That's where I would expect it to be, too. But it's not. I'm attaching the menu items I see there.
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