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Apparently after one of the updates, the One Step Update Summary handles only one of the batches -Direct Connect or Express Web Connect. Why can't both of them be reflected in the One Step Summary as before?


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    This question appears to be a follow up from this post:

    I cautiously disagree that with that assessment about 'batches" to the extent that I see both DC and EWC+ summaries at the same time for the same download.  I do not have any older EWC non-plus accounts, but I see no reason for them to behave accordingly.  Then again, I am still using R43.32 (October 22 vintage), so if this is another R45 issue, so be it ... and back off to R44.28 which was more problem free.

    I am not clear if the issue is that only one 'batch' of accounts got updated (EWCs) or only one 'batch' got reported even though both groups (EWC and DC) had been updated.  

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    That is true, but the issue is still not resolved. The prior responses clarified to me what the issue was and I generated this question with the hope someone from Quicken would look into resolving the issue. By the way, all accounts are updating including the investments but I have to go into each account to see if there was any data downloaded. Waste of time! I am currently running R45.21
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