R45.21 - FixIt -- Quicken OSU errors

I use the supposedly most up to date subscription version .45.21. I ran One Step Update, QSU, today. Download caused a window to pop up that said one register was out of kilter.
A "FixIt" button was provided. I pushed the button, I tried it twice --> and nothing happened. Seems to me that if a button is offered, it should do something. Looked over at my registers in left-hand column and found the file with the back-slash red circle, world-wide symbol for "Do NOT" "or "Blocked" or something of that nature.

Opened that old investment register and found a "FixIt" button greeting me which this time did something - and not particularly for the good. After pressing the button, Quicken said it had downloaded something like 2,279 days of data. Who knows where that much data was stored? Quicken created a new investment/stock holding register. That new register has actions such as Div, but not DivX. It also had WithdrawX of which I was not entirely familiar. WithdrawX includes Withdrawals, but also Transfers, which in my case was much needed. The new account had way too much cash in it despite being able to look directly at the brokerage account and all those days of data. The program then gave me the option to create a new checking account. It didn't say how that checking account would be used, nor what would happen if one chose NOT to create the checking account, so I created it.

[ Speaking of Actions, I've always found it curious that Quicken provides an Adjust Number of Shares action, but not an Adjust Cash Balance action.]

It appears that Quicken has decided to unbolt the checking/cash register from the investment register of stock/equity/brokerage accounts. After completing creation of this new "Checking" account, I had 4 registers where formerly there were 2 registers.

The new stock equity register had far too much cash in it, including a dividend of cash, that now has NO AUTOMATIC = DivX way of getting the cash to the new "Checking" cash register. So now I am to have the joy of manual WithdrawX transfers of every dividend received to the 'Checking' cash register?

I hacked and slashed with my machete, and think I have arrived at accurate registers - for now. For 2023, I envision having to start an entirely new virgin set of files for future use.

I'm writing all this in hopes that someone very high up in Quicken gets a synopsis of problems with Quicken as a RANGE of users interpret them. What's obvious to the creator of code, is not obvious to all users. It seems to me that as you proceed through a new procedure, extensive pop-ups should appear in explanation of what is about to happen. Naturally these pop-ups should have a 'do not show this message again' checkbox. In future, perhaps I should jump onto the 800 telephone number to Quicken. My experience with calling Quicken support is that one finds a wide range of answers to be offered, ranging from "Why would that be a problem?" to actual knowledgeable solutions. It is roulette which answer you get. Also it may be that someone else may see where I went off the rails, although I tried to stick to the path provided by Quicken while using the "FixIt" button.

As always, YMMV,
Happy Holidays!


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    ADDENDUM: That same evening, I did a OSU, One-Step-Update: I now have 5 accounts, NOT the one that had FixIt on it that have OL-362A errors: "Your account at XYZ Brokerage has downloaded data for which your Quicken file does not have an Account. Contact each brokerage {NOT Quicken!} Wonders never cease!
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    Ran 1-step-update again out of frustration. Got no errors at all. Of course it didn't actually download anything either. Will 'see what tomorrow brings.'
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