Quicken TD Bank Bill Pay rejects 2 online payees

Using Quicken Deluxe Ver 45.21 and TD Bank Bill Pay (Direct Connect) on Windows 10 Home.

Sent 20 payments thru TD Bank Bill pay, and TD Bank rejects. Selectively, sent batches of 2 at a time and deduced there are problems with 2 online payees that continue to be rejected. So far I have tried the following:
1. Created new online payee record in case there was something wrong with the records.
2. Validated and repaired my data file multiple times (interestingly, each time it says it deleled 2 .qel records).
3. Deactivated/Reactived Online Services.
4. Reset Account from Online Services.
5. Refreshed the TD Bank Branding info from Online Services.

These 2 payees just keep getting rejected - there is nothing abnormal about the payee info, just Name, Address, and Phone Number (no Description). When I click More Info, I have it set to TD.

Anything else I should try?
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