Useless error messages galore.

I must start by saying I've been fighting Quicken all night, and I'm so spun up that I can't put together a straight thought. So many obtuse error messages that don't mean what they really mean, that don't supply the whole picture, that don't help me get [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines] done, and no feedback as to how long I need to wait for something to happen.

When downloading data, at the very least, tell me how much is coming, and how much has been received. Help me plan. Am I going to be waiting 15 minutes? Don't make me sit and watch and wait.

I was trying to login to account at "A". To get to the point where I can validate that account, I have to decode an obtuse error message means to open the Online Center. I can't click the button, no, nothing that simple. I need to select the account, hold CNTL-SHIFT- and click the button. Select the account again, then click another button. Says there's an issue with a different account and that I should fix that first. So I played along, and I tried to sign in to my BofA account, and the pop-up dialog said "use the bank-hosted sign-in form in your browser window to authorize downloads".

1. [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines] does this mean?
2. It spun forever (about 5-10 minutes), so I clicked cancel. Nothing cancels, but I got a bunch of failed-to-sync transaction messages. Waiting 10 more minutes.

All I'm trying to do is verify Quicken's ability to talk to my bank. Because it said it couldn't.

So I go looking. Oh, Quicken opened up a tab for me in my browser. Did not bring it to the front. Did not open it on the end of the browser. Hidden in the middle of my other 15 tabs. On which browser? I have 5 browsers open right now. [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines] Do you assume your users have no browser (s) open?

The most infuriating part? This has been an issue since moving my Quicken data to a new PC. The error message I kept getting was something about a communication issue or server being unavailable, try again in 10 minutes. How is trying again in 10 minutes going to help when what you really need is for me to re-authorize connecting to my bank?

[Removed - Rant/Language]

And getting here: I just want to update my credentials on this account, then move to the next, and get it all done. No, it's updating my account. I didn't tell you to do that. So now I have to sit here for how long? to get to account #2. Only 12 more to go, but with an account update after each one? [Removed - Rant]

Here's the thing: New computer, haven't updated anything in quicken for a few months. I'm trying to just go through it in baby steps. [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines/Rant], in addition to the fact that my old computer decided to back itself up to 2018 for some ungodly reason, so my January '21 backup is my most recent data. [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines/Rant]

[Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines/Rant/Speculation]

I just spent 15 minutes waiting to validate credentials, and it comes back and says account is deleted and this may be due to restoring from backup. [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines] How about if I restore from backup the first thing Quicken does is ask me if I want to configure credentials, and then give me an easy way to do this. Because I clicked "Fix it", got "It's been fixed", and now "error with one or more of your accounts". It knows which accounts! Just tell me, and let's fix them one by one. [Removed - Disruptive]

But it seems like it is updating the account now. Oh, wait. 10 minutes later: nope. Still an issue. Click "Fix it" to fix the problem. I already did that [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines]

[Removed - Rant]


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    I kinda gave up reading the whole diary....  just some basic info is usually added as a starting poiint -
    There have been a few bank initiated conversions - like Chase, BoA, Schwab,
    that mandated each Quicken user walk thru a defined set of steps
    to authorize the bank to connect with Quicken, and then for Quicken to actually download data.
    What version..... Help --> About Quicken
    What banks are involved ?
    Are these being newly setup or just walking thru the Authorization steps for existing accounts ?

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    Also, Intuit no longer owns Quicken.
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    1) Phone support fixed my problem, but it took an hour to get the first of my accounts setup. Jonathan was great! But even he noted that whatever Ethernet transactions that were taking place were taking too long. After showing me the right way to get accounts re-established after restoring from a backup, I let him go and have been getting through them one-by-one.

    The key take-away here is that I restored from a backup on a new computer. The solution is to use Tools > Account List, edit each account, disconnect the account, and then reconnect the account.

    2) A list of bugs I found. Apparently asking for these to be added to the SW dev's backlog is "ranting".
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