Cleaning up client payments and applying them correctly

GreenGA Member ✭✭
I needed to prepare Quicken for 2022 taxes and opened it up and started reviewing things and noticed that the person that was handling client payments really screwed things up. :(

Not all payments were applied correctly, some payments landed in our checking account without invoice attribution and some invoices payments were applied to the wrong invoices. (all electronic, BTW...). As I said, a mess.

To get Quicken back to where it needs to be, I was thinking of the following.
1. Generate a report listing individual client deposits
This should work back to the invoices and clear any payments applied (clear the deck so to speak)
2, Match up all deposits by the client in question with the invoices starting from the beginning.
3. Receive the payments, identified in the checking account, to the individual invoices on the date of payment,

In my mind, the above should get things back in order.

Does anyone have any idea if this would be the best approach? If not, would you have a suggestion?

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