Capital One accounts only ones that will not allow online setup

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Anyone else having recent trouble with Capital One WebConnect and Quicken? Quicken R45.21, build for Windows. I had to redo my Windows setup, and ended up having to validate and super validate my quicken file. All other accounts finally allowed online setup (at first they all disappeared), but every time I try Capital one, quicken freezes / have to force "end task." Downloading and importing QFX file does work, disabled account at Capital One, in Quicken ... I'm not sure what I have not tried (yes, saved a copy of the file and tried that route as well. I'm stumped.


  • Resn8r
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    Never mind - the one thing I had not tried was to just add another account as if it were at Capital One, then wait the 12 minutes it took Quicken to finally get me to the login screen ... was able to match the accounts finally. Whew. It just seems that this should be much more streamlined.
  • AMWausau
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    I can't even get that far. In Quicken I try to add my Capital One Savor Card and it asks me to log into Capital One Card Services and select the account I want to connect to Quicken. Spent an hour on the phone with Capital One Support and they have no idea what Quicken is talking about. There is nothing on their site that allows this kind of download.
  • DDub
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    Quicken freezes the moment I click on the "Online Services" tab to create the connection to Capital One. I, too, had to use the Task Manager to kill the app. The process worked for each of the other accounts I had to relink after creating a copy of my file to use for 2023.
  • DDub
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    I tried the suggestion (above) from Resn8r -- I added a "new" account to the account listing for Capital One and it launched the authorization process pop-up windows... and ultimately allowed my to link to my existing account. I'm glad there's another way to get this task completed, but the normal process needs to be fixed.
  • I am having the same problem and the only way to get out of quicken is to use the Task Manager. I too am trying to make a copy of my account for 2023.
  • cookcee
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    Having the same problem with Capital One bank accounts. I use one-step update. The problem started with entries downloading but not the online balance. I tried downloading from the Cap One website and the online balance still would not update in Quicken. Then, I went to Edit Account and tried to reset the online account but got no response. Then I deactivated the account and tried to set it up again - the screen went grey, and Quicken froze. I had to use the Windows Task Manager to close Quicken. I have tried validating and super validating, and have uninstalled and reinstalled - every time I try to set up Capital One bank accounts online the screen goes grey and Quicken freezes. So frustrating after all of the problems I had last year with Capital One accounts and Quicken.
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