Issue downloading investment transactions from Wells Fargo Advisors

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I'm experiencing an issue when downloading investment transactions from my Wells Fargo Advisors brokerage accounts. When transactions for certain holdings (Unit Investment Trusts, or "UITs") are downloaded, the number of shares traded come over as 1/100th the actual amount. For example, if I buy 245 shares of a particular UIT, the downloaded transaction shows 2.45 shares. At the same time, the price/share that downloads is 100 times MORE than the actual price. So, the total amount of the transaction is correct, but the number of shares and the price/share are incorrect. I have to manually change the number of shares and the price on EVERY such transaction, otherwise my holdings in Quicken are way off.

1. Quicken ver 45.21, Windows 10
2. Downloading of mutual funds and individual shares work fine.

Any suggestions or assistance is appreciated.
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