Subtotal of Long Term Capital Gain Proceeds Not Shown in Schedule D Stock Sale Report

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Hello, it appears there is a bug in the Schedule D Stock Sale reporting of QuickenMac (v6.10.3). When I run that report, the proceeds column for long term capital gains is blank. The calculation of gain/loss appears to be correct but the proceeds details are missing from the subtotal.

The subtotal for proceeds are shown for the short term capital gains calculation.

Attached is a picture with a red circle showing where the long term capital gains subtotal is missing.

Any ideas how to fix this on my end or does this require an update by the Quicken team?



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    I too see that the Proceeds subtotal is missing for long term capital gains on the Schedule D Stock Sale report (and in the Tax Schedule report as well).

    Seems like a bug in the report that Development needs to fix.

    I am running Quicken for Mac v6.11.1.
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