Can't update Credit Card number in banking accounts

We were given a new credit card number for one of our credit cards. When I right click on the account -> Account Details, there is no option to edit. The account number is greyed out. I can't update the transactions since the number is not correct. Maybe I'm bran farting, but I can't find it anywhere! Please help!!


  • Byrdie
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    same goes for when I go to Account List -> that account -> edit..... I get same screen I got above with the account number greyed out.
  • splasher
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    You have to de-activate the online banking for that account, then re-activate selecting the correct, new account and Quicken will update the information for the account.
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  • To Splasher: Not true. De-activation then re-activation does NOT work, despite the Quicken screens telling you that it will update the changed account #s upon reactivation.

    In my case I have 4 Chase CC accounts, 1 account changed #s, when I reconnect Quicken takes me to the Chase data sharing permissions page, it shows my 4 accounts including the new #, I approve, Chase sends a confirming email that I have given permission to share 4 accounts, go back to Quicken to reconnect my 4 Chase accounts, Quicken shows my 3 "old" accounts properly linked - the "new" account does NOT show in the list.

    The new UpdateTransactions Error /Connectivity Status page (nice! :)) displays an Error Code of "ACCOUNT NOT FOUND (324) with the Other Date: {"reason"."cp DATAMissing",State":"notAggergating"}

    As preivious posters have stated Quicken no longer gives the user a way to update/change the Account Number field.

    Quicken needs to fix these bugs in the software: 1) deliver the functionality the screens promise "changed credit card account numbesr will automaticly update," and 2) restore the abililty of the user to manually change/update account numbers.
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