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I would like to be able to create a budget using Tags instead of categories. For me, categories give detail about spending. For example, for the category of Food & Dining, I have sub categories of: restaurant, fast food, snacks & drinks, etc. I don't want to create a budget for each of these or for Food & Dining. Instead, I have set-up TAGS as a way to sort money into larger groups/pots such as Household, Grocery, Kids, etc. The TAGS are like the envelope method. Sometimes a Food & Dining expense comes out of the Kid TAG (envelope), sometimes it comes out of the Household TAG. With this method, paychecks are categorized by whose it is and the money is divvied up by TAG.
Anyways, I would just like to recommend the ability too create a budget by TAG vs. Category if that could ever be possible.
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  • docramsdell
    docramsdell Member
    I am doing my budget for 2023. Will the ability to include/exclude tags in budgets be available any time soon? For me, budgets are not practical without it. My workaround is Excel, which requires me to transcribe actuals. This inevitably introduces errors.