PenFed vs The World

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[Removed - Rant]

I've grappled with PenFed direct download issues to external institutions much of the year--to USAA [Removed - 3rd-Party Software]. I thought Quicken would come to the rescue, but it sure seems to be more of an issue with Penfed. Quicken won't even find PenFed as an external account to link. So, it appears that if I want automatic updates in Quicken, I need to pick an institution other than PenFed for our primary credit card. PenFed credit card rewards were very good when I signed up, 2% on everything (veterans), but it appears others are offering that now.

I've had a good interface with customer support over the years, but they can't get in sync with external institutions with whatever changes are happening behind the scenes. I note there was a seamless connection for a few years prior, until about July of this year.

I also have an Equity Line of Credit with them and had a car loan. Their loan rates are terrific, so recommended including them in your loan search.

Wells Fargo has been great for checking and will look there for a cc.

I'll try USAA again as well, but their CC rewards went downhill so we switched to Penfed. Maybe they have improved again. Also, in my opinion, USAA has gotten too big to provide the customer service I had come to expect. One reason I use PenFed for our ELOC is USAA got out of the HELOC business. At least they realized they couldn't do everything.
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