Status Icons have quit working for transactions entered in the iOS app, is there a solution?

divenut Unconfirmed, Member
edited December 2022 in Using the Mobile App
For the last 3 months any transactions that are manually entered in the iOS app don't show any status icon when viewed on the mac app. Any transactions manually entered in the desktop app still have the pencil icon, and downloaded transactions still get the blue dot, but the manually entered transactions from the app have nothing there. Prior to September all transactions entered in the app had the pencil icon, then on 9/23 and 9/28 I had a couple transactions that suddenly didn't get any icon even though the other transactions around those dates still did. After 10/4 I have never gotten another icon for a transaction entered from the iOS app.


  • Hello @divenut

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community with this issue. 

    I have passed this along to be further investigated by our Quicken Mobile team, however, due to the holiday weekend, I will not hear back until sometime next week. 

    I will update you once I receive word on how to further proceed. 

    I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime. 
    -Quicken Jasmine