Why is the cash balance off due to Money Market Fund in an IRA Rollover Account?

Andy Jaeggi
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I'm holding a Rollover IRA with Schwab managed by my Financial Advisor. In September my Advisor bought some shares of the Schwab Advantage Money Market Fund (Value $ 1.00 per share) payed with my account cash. As it was downloaded as a purchase (Bought) it reduced my cash balance. So far so good. Since then though Quicken tells me, each time I download transactions, to verify/correct my cash balance which according to Quicken does not correspond with the Schwab account. The printed Schwab statement does list above Fund under Investments held and not under Cash held. If I correct the "cash position" according to Quicken then my Money Market Fund is being "sold", my IRA total value is being reduced by exactly the number of shares removed (value of shares x number of shares). This condition does not correspond with my Schwab statement in any way. The Schwab statement does recognize the Fund as an investment and not as a cash position. I've tried all sorts of "tricks" to overcome Quicken's "insistence" but to no avail. Has anybody out there an idea how to correct this sorry issue? Thank you for the help.
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