Net worth report is still wrong - 2023

I have this issue for months and it isn't getting resolved by updates. I've tried all the forum suggestions and everything I could think of. I'm a 25 year user of quicken and an IT developer to boot, so I've tried all the basics.

Quicken is underreporting two investment account by an unpredictable value. It was working for years/decades and this year (2022) it started to be off. The Account List on left side shows the correct value as does the register and Investment tab but the Net Worth Report and Widget show the wrong values.

I tracked it down to 10/13/2017 on one account where on the 10/12/2017 the values match but on the 12th they don't. Had 2 sold transactions that day. If I delete the transactions everything matches on the 13th. If I re-enter the transaction is breaks again. If change the date by a day the issue moves by a day.

I've tried the standard validate, super validate, ctrl-z to recalculate the account, various report settings, making sure all securities, tags are checked, unrealized gain checked vs unchecked.

I have another account where the date is 1/3/2017, so there is no rhyme or reason. Why 5 year old transaction are all of a sudden causing issues is beyond me.

Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm at my wits end on this one.


  • kennaim
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    I've tried moving the transactions to another account, errors moves with it
  • kennaim
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    One more interesting to note, when access the net worth report and double clicking the incorrect value it generate a a detail report with all the transactions and shows the correct ending value - it doesn't match the original report.
  • Same issue for me. I have only noticed the issue in one account but it is exactly as the OP describes. Portfolio Value report are fine but Net Worth report under-reports one investment account by a "random" amount.