Can't fix an unassigned deduction automatically created by paycheck periodic reminder tool

I have set up a periodic reminder for a paycheck deposit in Quicken that automatically includes an uncategorized deduction for 401k employer match called Employer Match Contribution. It creates an uncategorized transaction notice each time the paycheck is entered to the register. However, I cannot find any way to edit the entry for this deduction in the periodic reminder editor. I can only edit it AFTER the individual transaction has been entered into the register and click the "edit" button on the notification. It also appears to be a duplicate entry for another deduction by another name called Employer Match Transfer that does get properly categorized.

After the transaction is added to the register (Capture2), I can edit it using the conventional split editor (Capture3 & Capture4) only if I select the transaction from the unassigned transaction notification list (Capture1). If I try to edit the settings for the periodic reminders (Capture5b) or try to edit the entered transactions from the register (Capture5a), I get the paycheck editor tool (not the conventional split editor tool) (Capture6). The paycheck editor tool doesn't even list or allow editing of this deduction or category assignment (Capture7).

I've tried deleting and recreating the paycheck deposit periodic reminder but it continues to insert this deduction even though it is never shown in the editor while creating the periodic reminder.

Anyone have any clues or suggestions on how to fix this so I don't get the unassigned category notification and have to edit each transaction every time?