T.Rowe Price accounts not showing accurate share balances

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I have a few T Rowe Price accounts and 3 are set for "Simple - Positions Only", 1 has transactions too.
2 accounts are tied to 1 user ID, 2 accounts are tied to another.
User ID 1 works fine, a mix of a simple & transaction details.
User ID 2 has both set for "Simple - Positions Only".
1 account shows the correct share for the security, but not the price.
1 account shows 5 of the 6 securities. The 5 that are shown have the right price, but not the right number of shares.
I've reset the account but the accuracy is still not right.
I ended up deleting the 2 accounts by user ID 2, then re-adding them.
Now the 1 account shows the correct share price & count.
The other account still shows 5 of the 6 securities. 4 of the securities have the right amount of shares. Showing extra shares one of the securities, and that security is listed as "Unidentified Security". The price matches with one of the securities and the amount of shares is close, but even if I add/subtract recent transactions (there are very few for the past 30 days), it doesn't make up the difference.

If I start a new Quicken file, all 6 securities come down accurately - price & quantity.

I tried deleting the account and deleted the "unidentified security" and re-adding the account again. Same issue.

So - why am I missing a security? And why does a security keep coming down as unidentified?