Year end Copy caused multiple problems

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I did a year end copy on Jan 1 2023, and specified that I wanted all transactions starting with Jan 1 2022 so I would not have a lot of older transactions hanging around. I was hoping that this would make the data file smaller so Quicken would open a bit quicker.

When I opened the new file, it still had register data dating back to 2011.
Also, when I went to do a one-step-update, I found that it did not update any of my registers, it only wanted to update investment values.

When I looked at my password vault, all my passwords were gone and I had to reset all of my accounts for online download.

When I do so, Quicken just spins and never completes the task. I have to use Task Manager to kill it.

NOT happy with Year End Copy


  • LMD
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    I have similar problem. year end functions are not working. I get error message File Not Copied, but my file name is changed to add BKP and the original is no longer accessible. I have problems that may be related to the size of my file so this is important.