1/2/23 - OSU Problems & CC-501 Errors (QWIN)



  • Frank2
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    Ditto, update hangs???
  • MikeS 18
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    Add me to the dumpster fire that is one step update currently
  • GermanBlueRam
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    Adding to the pile of comments on Express Web Connect accounts hanging.  Quicken's staffing hours are really annoying for a product like this.  As I have mentioned on other threads, many of us do our Quicken activities during the weekends and holidays, when technical support (for system outages) is nowhere to be found.  
  • nmccollu
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    Same here
  • JJR23
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    Same here
  • yomanjm1
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    From Studpup's link, here are the banks that are listed that are having these issues (yes, same for me) :-(
    There is an increase in CC-501 (Quicken for Windows) and Error 101 (Quicken for Mac) with various banks. This may also cause some slowness in account updates.

    Here are some of the impacted banks (this list may not be complete):

    Bank of America
    Bank of America - Quicken
    Capital One Care Services
    Wells Fargo Bank
    Capital One 360
    Ally Bank
    PNC Bank - Web Connect
    Discover Card
  • Stu
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    Guess what folks?  It's a New Year... Sometimes it takes a while to refresh servers at a time like this.   Patience is needed.  It's just a shame that Quicken doesn't give us advanced warning of necessary maintenance like most banks etc. do. 
  • jeffcody01
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    Experiencing same problem. It worked last night. It eventually returns a generic Quicken error if you let it run long enough. 5 of my 11 accounts work.
  • Stu
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    Add Charles Schwab to the list ...
  • DaisyDoo
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    While this OSU issue is frustrating for sure, a point to remember is that Quicken does not directly communicate with the various financial institutions. They use a third party and it is my belief this third party is responsible for most if not all of the issues. The third party likely performs electronic financial transactions for hundreds if not thousands of clients and in the big scheme of things, Quicken is probably a smaller client. This doesn't excuse the problem but Quicken needs to call out the third party for its disregard for the needs of Quicken and its customers. Perhaps there is no other interface available, who knows, but if Quicken wants to maintain its own customer base, they need to get this overall issue fixed. The intermittent Citibank connection issue alone has been ongoing for over 6 months. This is not a "technical" issue, it is a customer service issue on the part of the third party.
  • James114
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    Am I the only one unable to connect to my banks (Northwest) for update?
    This started this morning and still occurs.
    I've deactivated 2 of my accounts form one back but now I can't reactivate them.
    Quicken just sits there at the 'One Step Update Progress'. There is no customer service
    at my bank today so I'm stuck.

    Any ideas??
  • System
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    This discussion was created from comments split from: OneStep update is slow/freezing/not working.
  • rbridges01
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    Any update on the OSU issue? It's been five days and nothing.
  • RedCab
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    Download hangs
    After 15 mins I killed Quicken from the task manager and then retried.
    Same result

    I saw the company post about increase in download errors but unsure if related.
  • gdk1950
    gdk1950 Member
    Same here - update not working. Neither will reactivating the accounts.
  • Rachel S.
    Rachel S. Member
    I have been having the same connectivity issues with quicken and Charles Schwab. This seems to happen every year. How long will it take to get it fixed?
  • Jas50
    Jas50 Member ✭✭
    Windows 10, Quicken Premier R45.21.
    ONE STEP UPDATE hangs...can only be terminated by the Task Manager !
  • joecg
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    R45.21 -- having the same issue. Perhaps it relates to the change to 2023.
  • GMB TX
    GMB TX Member
    Quicken is hung on update. Looks like everyone is having that problem today.
  • Tom G.
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    Same issue here. Was not a problem a few days ago.
  • SandraStowell
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    Pedro504 said:
    Quicken is hung on update. One Step update returned CC-501 errors for Bank Of America, Key Bank, Home Depot and Lowes. One Step update ran for for 20 minutes but it did finish on its own with the CC-501 errors. Amex and one investment account update completed successfully.

    Ditto... I guess we check back later. So many issues with banking updates lately.

  • leedyc
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    Same here - not an issue yesterday.
  • miturro
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    I am glad to see it not just me.
  • KevinS
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    Saw this about the problem:
  • jsds241
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    I have the same issue - using Quicken Deluxe R45.21, Win10 x64. One step update hangs when doing all accounts or individual Bank accounts. Have to use windows task manager to recover.
  • Carol Weber
    Carol Weber Member
    Had similar issue, was monitoring in Task Manager when it crashed.

    Did not have problem when updating one account at a time. Froze when updating multiple accounts.
  • lawrs21813
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    01 Jan 2023 12:00 EST: Quicken Support admits by chat that connecting with some banks is an issue.
    They seem to say it has become an issue in the past 48 hours or so.
    In my case it is with Chase Visa credit card. Tried to add account to new Quicken file I'm creating for 2023 in hopes of speeding up Quicken acceptance of manually modified or manually entered transactions. At new Quicken file: Add account easily jumps to Chrome browser and accesses the Chase credit card account on the browser. I scroll down and give permission to AUTHORIZE the connection. Chase even sends me an email saying that my Chase account is connected to Quicken. On the Quicken app, however, a circle spins for about 5 minutes before it states "failed." The one line of the account with Add Button on the right to add this account to the new file never appears. I had no problem at all adding accounts for a number of brokerage accounts, and CapitalOne accounts, and Citi_CARD credit accounts. Quicken suggests waiting 24 hours when they might have the issue corrected. Of course, YMMV, but for today it is just an unfixed frustration.
  • WRJFontenot
    WRJFontenot Member
    OneStep Update works for every account I have that uses a stored password. It fails for every account where the stored password is not required. I doubt every financial institution that doesn't use a stored password has suffered a system failure at the exact same time. There must be a common authentication system used by all these institutions that has failed.
  • diestadt
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    Having the same problem as above. Appears to be an issue on the Quicken side.
  • miru
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    Same problem here. Wonder when you can hire better talent to fix all the issues with the programs.
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