1/2/23 - OSU Problems & CC-501 Errors (QWIN)



  • xssnco
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    What is the CEO email address? Quicken clearly is not addressing this. Perhaps a class action lawsuit for failure to deliver promised services would get his attention 
  • lbennatt
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    This is pure BS...NONE of my accounts will update! I repeat NONE! And this slowness issue has been going on for quite some time now. It is utterly absurd how slow Quicken is for several weeks now. I have never experienced this in the past to this degree. I spent almost 2 hours on the phone 8 or 10 days ago with Quicken. I finally told the guy I have to get off the phone. Try this, try that, etc..etc..etc. It's like hit and miss reading from a script. The guy tried to tell me my computer is old and too slow. Are you kidding me?? His final advice was create an entire new file. Guess what? I finally resorted to that today. Still crazy slow AND the 501 thing so I can't connect to any of my accounts via One Step Update. Why pay the crazy price for a subscription?? I've been using Quicken since the beginning of days. Ever since this subscription thing, it has been problem after another! smh
  • Ditto - no update for 4 days and only task manager will terminate the program once a "One Step Update" is initiated?
  • davidmwatty
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    Ibennat so right. I have been with Quicken forever. Going to dump it and just log into each account. Going to dispute my Quicken annual charge on my Amex card for not getting the service.
  • rlandon
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    Get it fixed now Quicken! There is no excuse for a product that is unreliable! If this keeps up another competitor will take your revenue stream very quickly!
  • Allen Atwood
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    This problem has been written up in the Alerts section. There is a known problem with many (or most) banks that are not Direct Connect. That's why Wells and Amex and TD Ameritrade work, but Chase and BofA and many others don't. Guess we have to wait for Quicken to solve the problem. Still broken 1/2/23 5:25PST
  • Bob.
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    Ditto - no update for 4 days and only task manager will terminate the program once a "One Step Update" is initiated?

    It DOES time out. For me 21-22 minutes. Depends on which and how many EWC accounts it is trying to update. Still , that is unquestionably horrible programming to not allow a user to terminate or not time out after a few minutes at VERY worst.
    rlandon said:
    Get it fixed now Quicken! There is no excuse for a product that is unreliable! If this keeps up another competitor will take your revenue stream very quickly!

    There is no competitor that does what Quicken does. If there were, there would be more pressue to make it perform better than it has in the last year.
  • quickzn
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    Same here - Chase and IH Credit Union - Spfld Ohio
  • John McNally
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    Windows 11 Enterprise
    Quicken Deluxe Version R45.21 Build
    Direct connect accounts update, Web connects DON'T ... NONE of them
    Encountered problem today 1/2/23
  • jwgoldin
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    Add my accounts also.
  • xpilotwon
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    My Chase, Citi, Synchrony and Discover accounts are not updating.
  • MikeCashio
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    Same issue for me. Quicken may need to escalate with Bank of America to fix this.
  • Larry Goodnight
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    Capital One is affected and so are Schwab Investment customers.  Again, the only connections that worked for me today were American Express and UBS.  All others including Chase and Citibank were down.  We were told to wait until the end of the day but as of now, I have not seen a single indication or posting from Quicken to suggest that this has been corrected.
  • Robert
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    It seems like every year-end/beginning of year there is a major issue with Quicken just when people like me are doing major year-end close prepare for new year tasks.   It's as predictable as the ball drop in Times Square......
    JOHN PERRELLA Member ✭✭
    Same for me. Have super validated, tried to use a backup all to no avail. Locks up and then need task manager. Tried doing for just Chase and same thing.
  • Laurel Cull
    Laurel Cull Member ✭✭
    I'm having the cc-501 on Discover and Bank of America says I need to reauthorize but when I click the reauthorize button, it doesn't do anything.
  • JMA-1
    JMA-1 Member
    I too am having an issue with one step updates. I haven't run any since the beginning of November and now, it just freezes. I let it run for 10 minutes or so and nothing happened. I had to cntl-Alt-Del out. I have had my file "verified" but no luck.

    What can I do?
  • oughtonm
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    No credit cards updating, including AmEx. Looks like Quicken has a happy new year problem.
  • divina12253858
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    [Removed - Rant]
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    [Removed - No Soliciting]
  • rdwsoup
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    I am having similar problems and agree.
    > So something broke in 2023
  • Laurel Cull
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    So, I just went to edit account settings and reset my Bank of America account, I logged into Bank of America through Quicken and reauthorized my account. I get the Bank of america confimation and email notification but Quicken keeps trying to connect and finally gives an error. I think the problem is with Quicken and not the banks.
  • cougarjaw
    cougarjaw Member
    Quicken seems to get worse on every update and upgrade. Been trying all Dec to get working just like all the others in this comment section. Quicken Should compensate their customers with several months subscription extension.
  • Bigheadedpig
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    They need to get the issue with Quicken not updating fixed ASAP? [Removed - Rant]
  • David24
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    Broken since this morning - remains broken. Quicken can only be shut down from Windows Task Manager. Poor coding and poorer error handling. When will this be fixed?
  • jcalisher
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    FYI - there were several conversations posted this morning about this issue. The last update was 12/21/22
  • audiomxr
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    Discover Bank, Discover Credit Card, Bank OZK, Chase, Citi bank - no bank is responding to update or adding account to a new file. It is completely broken.
  • tvtim07
    tvtim07 Member
    Why is your server down for so long? I can't download transactions from Navy Federal, CitiBank, Discover, Topside Federal, etc, etc, etc. I have re-synced my acct and everything else I know to do.

    Has your server been hacked to deny these transactions?
  • After years of daily updating, starting yesterday I get "CC-501" Unable to update these accounts because of an error on the Quicken server.

    When this happens I cannot even get out of quicken without the whole ctrl/alt/delete routine. I have been syncing my wells fargo accounts with quicken for years.
  • Richard Knappen
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    Yep...Same issue ALL DAY. The new Chase connection times out with error message. Quicken Premier subscription model on Windows 11.
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