adding an account to Wells Fargo Advisors is not working

Trying to add WF accounts into Q. I already have 2 accounts but when I try to add an account, the connection to WF quits. Looked at advanced options which says my protocol already exists and I must use that protocol. I'm letting Q do the work so what am I missing?


  • q_lurker
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    wjb727 said:
    … I'm letting Q do the work so what am I missing?
    I suspect what you are missing is that Quicken is having a lot of problems today 1/2/23 communicating with banks. 
  • wjb727
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    I was not aware of that. Sometimes a notice would be helpful. Quicken puts out a lot of stuff but never tells you when it’s having troubles. Thanks for your update.
  • CraigHall
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    I'm Having the same issue trying to add several Wells Fargo accounts to Q. Is there any ETA for the fix?
  • wjb727
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    edited January 4
    This is day 3 for me. I haven't heard of a fix yet. In theory, if you bookmark the page in Q help, they give updates. They did say it was a Wells Fargo bank problem (as well as other banks) but I can't get Advisor to add any account. 1/4/23
  • wjb727
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    Any words on Wells Fargo Advisors not updating? After a week of waiting, I still cannot add an account to Quicken.