Some suggestions to Quicken IT wrt the system

As many of us are aware, it has been fairly frequent that some Quicken process involved in updating have been having problems. However, problems are posted to the Community website; and no status reports of critical processes or problems seems available.

I would respectfully suggest that the Quicken IT team consider:
1. Tech support develop and maintain a Status Board for authorized Quicken users that lists all standard processes (e.g., Express Web Connect +, Direct Connect, etc.) and major banks/financial services company--together with an indicator (e.g., green light, red light) that reflects the status of that service or connectivity to that bank/financial services company. If that indicator is other than green (operating properly), then some indication that the issue is being addressed or other information helpful to the end user.
2. Obviously, this would require tech support to monitor all of those procedures/services. It's unclear whether they currently monitor those services, particularly since the first indication of a problem is usually multiple postings on the Community website--and tech support usually takes a long time to provide confirmation that the message was seen and that some action is being taken.
3. It would be equally helpful if the One Step Update function in the program would display that a given process is not working properly when we, the end users, use that function. That should be programmable given that they can send messages that program updates are available.
4. A prior suggestion posted to the Community suggesting that there be a hard time-out for processes makes sense as well. That way, we end users wouldn't waste time waiting for a process to complete--when it won't do so.

Just some suggestions that, imho, would make the program more valuable to us end users.
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