Quicken very slow to load files, back up files etc.

About 2 months ago I posted under a similar Discussion Title about the problem I was having with Quicken (2022 edition) with most file operations. That Discussion is now locked. I received very good advice including adjust my Graphics Performance setting with a link to: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7915476/faq-are-there-any-windows-settings-that-can-improve-quicken-s-performance
This seemed to resolve the problem, but every few days I would be back to the same slowness problem. The Graphics Performance settings would still be as I set them, but by changing them back to Let Windows decide and then restore them to High Performance Quicken would return to operating at a normal speed. Sometimes I would have to go through this process - including restarting the computer - two or three times to get Quicken to work properly. I have not been able to uncover any operation I have performed, including updatinf Windows, virus scanning the hard drive etc. that causes this to happen. Today it worked fine until I created a new file and it is back to its old ways. Does anyone have further advice for me? Thanks.