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Reading the many posts and feature requests, there are customers that want the Mobile Quicken iOS app to be a full-fledged version of Quicken; others want a slimmed down, simplistic iOS app to quickly view Quicken data (e.g. budget status). I find myself in the later camp. Nothing against the other group; maybe Quicken - new ownership has accomplished much in the last two years - can do both.

Here's why I argue for the simple iOS app: If I want to use Quicken, the desktop version (Mac user currently) is the only way to go. I'm reconciling accounts against PDF bank statements, attaching receipt images, cross referencing multiple accounts simultaneously, etc., etc. I don't want to do that on my iPhone or iPad. 

So what do I want the Quicken Mobile iOS for:
1. I want it to download the latest synchronized data it received from my desktop software.
2. I don't want it to contact my banks, in order to downloaded new transactions. I have the desktop version for that. Plus, I have multiple banks, this process takes upwards of 2min sometimes, which is an eternity to stare at my iPhone waiting.
3. I want my wife to be able to open the Quicken Mobile app on her iPhone quicken, pull the latest data directly from Quicken (not banks) so she can see where we are on our monthly budget. That's it!

In fact, what I'm arguing for is a change in how Quicken does 'sync." I think they should offer two distinct synchronization methods:
A. The current one: Synchronize users' latest data with what is stored in the cloud and download any/all new transactions from banks.
B. Another option that does not contact any banks . . . just synchronize Quicken cloud with my Quicken application.

If option B were available, the iOS Quicken Mobile app would work just like i need it to.  

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  • aksonya
    aksonya Member ✭✭
    I agree I want to just use my mobile to add receipts and look at my balances. I don't need to have it do everything. Then it would all in the cloud and I don't want that.