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How do I change reconcile method (Q Mac)

SCamilleP Unconfirmed, Member
I want to use the paper statement method to reconcile an account for an account that, evidently, I previously (initially) used the auto or online balance method. I cannot figure out how to change it back. I am not getting the pop-up window that asks me which method I want to use again. I'm in Version 6.11.1 (Build 611.47285.100).

Not sure that I chose the correct "category" but one was required...


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    First, open the account's settings (menu Accounts > Settings), on the Downloads tab make sure Auto Reconcile is unchecked.

    Then when you initiate a reconcile, if you don't see the option to reconcile against statement balance, click the "back" button:

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