Inconsistent reporting on investment lots v45.21

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This is somewhat related to my other post (

While trying to reconcile some share balance inconsistencies with my 401k, I noticed that the lot assignments being provided in the Reports | Easy Answer | Investment Transactions screen do not match up with the same transaction as it appears in the normal register.

A little backdrop on the data. The fund in question (lets call it ABC) had ALL its shares liquidated at the end of 2016. So zero share balance for the past 7 years. The relationship between my other post, is that this happens to be the account and fund that was kicking the error in my other post.

Continuing on, in Dec 2022 I picked up a bunch more shares of ABC. On Dec 30, a very small amount of shares were sold to cover quarterly fees. In the normal register I managed to clean up and correctly allocate the sold shares from the newly purchased lot (which correctly should be the only source of shares available)

HOWEVER, that same transaction shows up in the Easy Answer Report and when you double-click to drill into the sell transaction from Dec 22 and try to assign lots, the only lot of shares available to choose from is dated from April 2016. Now there shouldn't be any shares available since I closed that fund out in Dec 2016; and that is correctly reflected in the normal register view.

How two different views of the same transaction can have different source detail is beyond me, but something is seriously amiss with how quicken is reading data as it pertains to investments.

Hopefully this information helps the dev team out and as pointed out by q_lurker in my other post, I would stay away from any r45 versions until this is sorted out.
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