Irreconcilable Bond Holding Mismatch

I'm holding some US Treasuries at Vanguard. When I look at the Vanguard account it shows the [face value] as the bond quantity. In Quicken I have the [face value]/100 as the bond quantity. The market value for the bond holding in Quicken using this quantity is within 2 cents of the valuation at Vanguard. However, I'm continually getting a Securities Comparison Mismatch with the Shares Reported deviating by -0.001 from Shares in Quicken. If I create a placeholder to make the dialog go away, the deviation in value from Vanguard increases. Note: when I download my Vanguard holdings and transactions to a CSV the face value of the holding exactly matches the number of bonds in Quicken.
What is the correct way to enter a brokered bond or CD (with a CUSIP number and market price) into Quicken?