Problem with some Brokerage Accounts and Reconcile Shares

Since early November I have been having a problem with my Park Avenue securities accounts and reconciling shares. I believe Park Ave Securities actually come through as info. I have also been having a problem with my Wells Fargo Brokerage account for a long time where it does not report any shares.

First, Park Ave. The issue is with annuities held within the account. Before November it reconciled correctly. In November the account value was decreased because of the payment of a rider (quarterly). Quicken now reports the number of shares in the account to be the amount of payment of the rider.

Wells Fargo. For a long time Wells Fargo has been reporting zero share when reconciling. I have been reconciling manually for a while but it would be nice if the system worked as it should.

Any suggestions for something I might have done or any fixes to correct the issue?

Thanks in advance.


  • The upgrade to Quicken 46.9 and build seems to have corrected the issue I have been having with Park Ave Securities (netxinvestor). However the issue with Wells Fargo zero shares remains.