Q845.21 Win 11 lost 3 PW'S from the Vault?

Started for me yesterday. I go to do the account d/l's and I get my Vault Prompt. Enter the PW and it comes back wrong P/W? So I enter it again, same thing? I CANCEL and up pops the One Step Update window with 3 accounts have a box to enter the PW in? Do that and the process completes with no error.

Today the same thing?

OK, I think I might have figured this out? I never did the 'apply' button, just Update button. So I assume I needed to Apply it to be put into the Vault?

Not a problem and a 2nd try today works OK.

So how/why would I lose 3 PW's in the vault?

I never changed them and used the ones I had for those accounts. Verified they are still good going to the sites After I ran the account update. I normally go to 8 different bank/brokers. Why would only 3 lose the pw's and not the others?

Does the new version of Quicken check how old the pw's are, but if this was the case, why didn't it tell me they were rather than 'wrong password' and then on the One Step Update not put up the Password error and tell me the account there instead? Only saw it when I did a Cancel, very odd and not intuitive to do that.